More of My Favourite Love Songs

I’m just a hopeless romantic, so I thought Id post another top ten list of my favourite love songs!

1) 18 by One direction

I love this song because it’s very sweet and romantic and the music conveys how much the boy loves the girl.


2) San Francisco by Five Seconds of Summer

I like this song because the music is airy and light hearted while the lyrics convey a heavier topic, but somehow it all works together to create this romantic and upbeat song.


3) Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy

I just love the vocals of this song, Thank you Patrick Stump.


4) Rollercoaster By Bleachers

Whenever I hear this song I just kind of smile. It sounds like it would be an 80s romantic dance montage music. It’s just adorable.


5) Text Me in the Morning By Neon Trees

Fun and upbeat!


6) Beating Heart By Ellie Goulding

I really love the vocals and the music of this song, they’re kind of dark and fast to match a love story of two people who have little time to be together and they know it.

7) A Thousand Years By Christina Perri

Literally the perfect slow dance song. I can’t even describe the feels I get from listening to this song.


8) She’s Electric by Oasis

Kind of weird song, but a good love song all the same. Its very upbeat and Noel Gallagher’s rhymes are top.


9) Colors By Halsey

This song has a very dark, but optimistic mood about it. One of my favourite Halsy songs.


10)The Way You Make Me Feel By Michael Jackson

Upbeat and fun! I always feel the need to dance to it when I hear it!



My Favourite Love Songs!

Love is probably the ultimate song topic. It is perfect for any music genre! Here’s a list of a few of my favourite love songs:

1) Can’t help falling in love by Elvis and Haley Reinhart
I love both versions, I couldn’t choose between them! I love the lyrics they’re just so sweet and loving. This song is absolutely the perfect slow dance song.

2) Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
I love this song because of the guitars and other instruments. They’re soft and easy to fall into.

3) Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant
This one isn’t exactly a love song, but it has aspects of love and relationships in it. This song is more about finding yourself after losing someone you love rather than the relationship itself. I love it.

4) Fireproof by One Direction
I love the music, it’s one of those feel good songs you just kinda smile when you listen to it.

5) Waste the Night by Five Seconds of Summer
Again, I love the music and it’s another feel good songs. But I also love the lyrics to this one because it’s about spending the night with someone you love or have feelings for and not letting them leave too soon.

6) Everlong by the Foo Fighters
I love the music, I love the lyrics, I love this song.
7) A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
I think this is the cutest song! Its another perfect slow dance song!

8) Half of My Heart by John Mayer
I love this song because of what it’s about. It’s about someone who had never truly loved anyone before but then this one person came along and they just fell in love. How cute!

9) Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
It’s a fun song to dance too and I love the lyrics.

10) You Are In love by Taylor Swift
I love this song because I think it’s a great representation of what it’s like for a girl to fall in love. It spells it out plain and simple.

Teardrops on My Guitar

Today’s Taylor Swift Tuesday Song of the Day is “Teardrops on my Guitar.”

FUN FACT! This is the very first Taylor Swift song I listened too. It was on Disney Jams 11 and Id play it on my CD player over and over and over again.

Listen to it Here!


Vinyl Set Up

So I wanted to share what my current turntable set up looks like. Everything was the highest quality I could find for a good price, I’m hoping that once I get the money I can upgrade to some better stuff.

The turntable that I own is an Audiotechnica LP60. It was about $100  off  Amazon and many people who reviewed said that it worked well for them and it sounded decent. I would have to agree with them. I think its great first turntable for someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about vinyl (such as myself). I know some people have had problems with the needle skipping, I havent yet. Basically you get what you paid for: a $100 record table. Its not state of the art, its not high tech, its a $100 record table that does exactly what you want it too-play records.

I have my turntable plugged into just a regular ole iHome speaker; its the same speaker I use to play music off my iPod. It was interesting to hear the difference in sound quality. The very first record I played on my player was Whats the Story? (Morning Glory), an album that I have listened too over and over again through my phone, and the difference was just so apparent. The music overall had a much deeper, more rich sound being played from the vinyl than a digital copy or even a CD.  Liam Gallagher’s vocals were so clear and you could hear every single instrument being played on each track. The sound was just absolutely wonderful and If I had the money id buy literally every single album I’ve ever listened too on vinyl.

To clean my records, I’ve been using a simple microfiber rag and a carbon fiber brush, which has been working well enough. It’d be better if I had some sort of cleaning solution, but I just haven’t found one that I think would work for my records.

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 So, there you go! That’s my turntable set up! It will work for the time being, I’m hoping to upgrade everything in a few years when I have the money, but for now this will suffice.

I Know Places

Today’s Taylor Swift Tuesday Song of the Day is “I Know Places.”

According to Billboard, this song is about Swift falling in love with someone and then getting out of the public eye. She also worked with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder to write this song.

Listen to it Here!



Today’s Taylor Swift Tuesday Song of the Day is “Starlight”

This song is featured on what is considered her last country album Red and was inspired by a picture of Ethel and Bobby Kennedy.

Listen to it Here!