Foo Fighters are NOT Breaking Up!

Recently, the media has been circling rumours of the notorious 90’s rock band dissolving and David Grohl starting his own solo career. Many fans, fearful of this outcome, turned to Twitter to dispel their qualms.

The Foos posted this mysterious Tweet on Tuesday, asking fans to stay tuned for a very important band announcement. This only seemed to increase hysteria; I mean c’mon! No one could possibly forsee this, especially after they just celebrated their twenty year anniversary.

Fans sat on edge as we all waited for the tweet to come up with that very important announcement; The Foos did not disappoint.

If you’re any sort of Foo Fighter fan, you would know from their music videos that they are nothing but jokesters. And the video was no different.

In seven minutes, The Foos dismissed any possibility of them breaking up or going solo with their defined sense of humour; and if you didn’t get the message from their hilarious sketches than you surely would have gotten it from the finals words of the video: “We’re not breaking up and no one is going f*cking solo!”

So there you have it! As for now, there is no end for The Fighters in sight. However, the band will be taking an indefinite hiatus or “Ihateus” as drummer, Taylor Hawkins, put it in a January 2016 interview.

I think this hiatus means they are going to come back with something bigger and better than ever before. At the end of their 2008 hiatus, they produced one of their greatest albums, Wasting Light. Sonic Highways was also the product of a previous hiatus; So I think we can only expect great things from The Foo Fighters in the next few years.


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