Music Binge

Ive been on a music binge lately.

I just got a record player and some new records (such as a brand new, never before opened Foo Fighters vinyl for twelve flipping dollars! twelve dollars! It was there newest album too!! And I got it for twelve freaking dollars! Let it be known if you want good vinyls for cheap check out Half Price Books, they have great deals)

I got a guitar that Im going to learn to play

and there has just been a ton of new songs that Ive been listening too, I have never been so excited about music.

I couldn’t pick a song to write about this week because Ive been listening to just so many good ones, so heres a quick list of some of the newest songs Ive been listening too.

1) Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

I really love the soft instruments and Matthew Shultz’s soothing voice. This song feels like one of those songs that you slow dance to in your kitchen at midnight (really specific, but I needed to get the idea across). I especially like the acoustic guitar, it feels separate from the vocals and the other instrumentals; I think that is what makes the song so emotional and slow is the separated acoustic guitar because it draws your attention to its self and you just kind of feel the music.

2) Can’t Help Falling in Love By Haley Reinhart

Okay first things first, if you’re going to listen to this version, you better listen to the original by Elvis. So, click that link before you are even done reading this paragraph.

Okay here’s why I decided to recommend this one over the original, which I love by the way Elvis Presley is always good; but I think Reinhart conveys just a teensy bit more emotion in her version. The piano as the sole instrument invokes emotion in the listener and it causes you to focus on her vocals. I love the instrumentals in Elvis’ version, but I also think they are a bit distracting. Reinhart’s voice I think lingers just a little bit longer which I think adds to emotionalness of the song.

Nothing wrong with Elvis’ version, I love it just as much, but I just think Reinhart’s version really gets across that lovey-dovey feeling of the song a teensy bit better.

3) Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

There’s more than a few versions of this song, but I really like Jeff Buckley’s version. I think, just as Reinhart does, Buckley focuses more on putting the emotion into his singing and I like that a lot. I think that the sadness in the lyrics really comes out with Buckley’s voice. The singular guitar also doesn’t distract from the vocals, if anything they do a fantastic job emphasizing them.

4) The Scientist by Coldplay

Lots of lovey dovey songs this week. Again, Coldplay does the singular instrument when they want to really emphasize Chris Martin’s voice. However, as the song progresses more instruments and vocals join Martin and the piano, which I think makes it feel like the song is leading up to this grand ending, but there isn’t one. Which is think is beautifully symbolic because the song is about an ending relationship; one of those earth shattering, heart wrenching, you feel like you wont ever love anyone else like that ever again relationships that everyone has or will have in their lifetime. There isn’t this grand resolution that the listener is searching for, the two people don’t ever rectify things, just like the song, their relationship just ends, and you’re left with all of these inexplicable emotions. That’s probably the number one reason I love this song; the amount of symbolism seems almost uncanny.

5) You Know We Can’t Go Back by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

This love song has more of a faster pace to it; don’t worry no more slow heart break romance songs that you all secretly love. Don’t lie to yourselves.

This song is more about two lovers leaving their small town for some reason that is a mystery to me. Whatever the reason is they cant go back, but its okay they have each other–reminds me of Mal and Dom’s little train saying from Inception– I freaking love the beat to this song. Its steady, upbeat, well played, just great, I love it. Noel Gallagher’s voice? Well he definitely should have gotten some more time as a lead vocalist on Oasis, but then again, Oasis might have had a much shorter life if Liam had to share his centre stage with Big Brother Noel. But seriously, Noel’s voice gives me chills, especially on this song. His voice mashes perfectly with the instrumentals and it just sounds good. I cant explain it you, you just have to listen to it yourself.





  1. Daphne · March 22, 2016

    Wow, I love those first three songs. I can play all of those on my ukulele. Hallulujah is especially beautiful sounding if played right on the uke.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lwdmusic · March 24, 2016

    That’s so cool you can play them on the Ukulele! Im going to teach myself how to play guitar and these were just a few of the songs I wanted to learn eventually!


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