Vinyl Fever

So my brand new spanking Audiotechnica LP60 Record player has. Officially. Arrived.

Its probably like the greatest thing to have come into my life. I was looking for a record player that played decently well and was relatively cheap as well, and the audiotechnica did just that–It was a perfect fit.

My generation really lost out. The sound quality from a CD or a digital download cannot compare to the sound a vinyl record produces. I have my player hooked up to an Itunes speaker through an aux cord. This is the same speaker that I us to listen to all my digital tracks and you can just hear the difference.

The vinyl produces a much deeper, more rich, and a lot more clear sound quality. It sounds more like you’re in the studio listening to the music being recorded than listening to it in your bedroom. My goal now is to just get every single album I own on CD on vinyl, as well as a few more that I don’t-basically I just want to own everything on vinyl.

Pictures to come very soon!



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