Vinyl Set Up

So I wanted to share what my current turntable set up looks like. Everything was the highest quality I could find for a good price, I’m hoping that once I get the money I can upgrade to some better stuff.

The turntable that I own is an Audiotechnica LP60. It was about $100  off  Amazon and many people who reviewed said that it worked well for them and it sounded decent. I would have to agree with them. I think its great first turntable for someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about vinyl (such as myself). I know some people have had problems with the needle skipping, I havent yet. Basically you get what you paid for: a $100 record table. Its not state of the art, its not high tech, its a $100 record table that does exactly what you want it too-play records.

I have my turntable plugged into just a regular ole iHome speaker; its the same speaker I use to play music off my iPod. It was interesting to hear the difference in sound quality. The very first record I played on my player was Whats the Story? (Morning Glory), an album that I have listened too over and over again through my phone, and the difference was just so apparent. The music overall had a much deeper, more rich sound being played from the vinyl than a digital copy or even a CD.  Liam Gallagher’s vocals were so clear and you could hear every single instrument being played on each track. The sound was just absolutely wonderful and If I had the money id buy literally every single album I’ve ever listened too on vinyl.

To clean my records, I’ve been using a simple microfiber rag and a carbon fiber brush, which has been working well enough. It’d be better if I had some sort of cleaning solution, but I just haven’t found one that I think would work for my records.

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 So, there you go! That’s my turntable set up! It will work for the time being, I’m hoping to upgrade everything in a few years when I have the money, but for now this will suffice.


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