More of My Favourite Love Songs

I’m just a hopeless romantic, so I thought Id post another top ten list of my favourite love songs!

1) 18 by One direction

I love this song because it’s very sweet and romantic and the music conveys how much the boy loves the girl.


2) San Francisco by Five Seconds of Summer

I like this song because the music is airy and light hearted while the lyrics convey a heavier topic, but somehow it all works together to create this romantic and upbeat song.


3) Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy

I just love the vocals of this song, Thank you Patrick Stump.


4) Rollercoaster By Bleachers

Whenever I hear this song I just kind of smile. It sounds like it would be an 80s romantic dance montage music. It’s just adorable.


5) Text Me in the Morning By Neon Trees

Fun and upbeat!


6) Beating Heart By Ellie Goulding

I really love the vocals and the music of this song, they’re kind of dark and fast to match a love story of two people who have little time to be together and they know it.

7) A Thousand Years By Christina Perri

Literally the perfect slow dance song. I can’t even describe the feels I get from listening to this song.


8) She’s Electric by Oasis

Kind of weird song, but a good love song all the same. Its very upbeat and Noel Gallagher’s rhymes are top.


9) Colors By Halsey

This song has a very dark, but optimistic mood about it. One of my favourite Halsy songs.


10)The Way You Make Me Feel By Michael Jackson

Upbeat and fun! I always feel the need to dance to it when I hear it!



One comment

  1. nightwhispers · June 10, 2016

    numbers one and seven r two of my favorites too!!!!!


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